About Us

We’re a duo of guys who just want to sit down every now and then, and shoot the breeze. If you understood that then good on you! *thumbs up!*

Romi and JBear are active salsa and bachata dancers in Northern California, with the occasional dances in Los Angeles.

Romi doing his crowd thing.

Romi is your typical extroverted introvert. He loves to be loud and high energy when he’s in front of a crowd, but will also be the first person to find a quiet spot and read a book.

Romi likes to sound smart so he’ll use fancy words throughout the show. On occasion, JBear will call him out and ask what the fancy words actually mean so… we don’t recommend believing every definition Romi provides.

Picture of Juan
JBear in real life.

JBear is a teddy bear. That mean mug is just for show. JBear actually loves being loved so give him all of the love. LOVE!

JBear is the artsy bro of our co-hosts. He enjoys doodling during meetings and has been known to create amazing graphic designs… weeks after we asked for them. Nonetheless, he is responsible for keeping the show going.  He’s like a bear who is traveling through the forest–steady and not easily waylaid unless there’s hot Cheetos to be devoured.

DJ Bean Beagle
DJ Bean the Beagle

One day you’ll meet this majestic beast, if you’re lucky!

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